em is for you

We have identified that people today have a tendency to focus on what is wrong with them, and spend less time focusing on what is right.

EM. is all about empowering people.

How do we do this? We deliver engaging empowerment education through workshops and group events for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to form communities and networks that foster and reignite real face-to-face connection.

By joining together in a safe and compassionate space, the burden of human struggle is shared which makes it much less heavy to carry and grants us more room to celebrate the good stuff. EM. wants to contribute to a better world where the rate of mental health issues decline, where stress levels are lowered, and where people find more joy.


 (*Disclaimer: We do not offer emergency mental health services as it is beyond our qualifications and ethical obligations. For immediate assistance please contact: Lifeline on 13 11 14 )


We spend the majority of our life at work. Which is a confronting fact if you are not happy and thriving in your workplace. Central to productivity in any business are the people in it. For business to thrive, people must thrive.
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Let’s be honest, life sucks from time to time. And building a resilient child, means empowering them with the capacity to be able to ride the ups and downs, and bounce back from life’s challenges without the pain of isolation, helplessness and despair.
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Our emotionally engaging workshops for students aim to change the statistics of mental health issues and prevent the occurrence of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drug, alcohol & gambling addiction, and suicide among our young people.
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Whatever your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, shape or size—we actually don’t like labels…we have something for you. No matter where you come from or where you are going, there is one thing we know for certain – life comes with challenges.
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em is for you

Whatever your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, shape or size—we don’t like labels, hence why we say EM is for you.

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Meet Emma

Emma is a wholeness coach.

She believes — "no longer are people seeking to be healthy. Many of us want to feel whole."

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