Em began her career as a Pilates instructor & Personal Trainer, before studying Psychology and Applied Nutrition. It's her real-life experience with mental torment that inspires the lessons she now teaches.

Em’s raw vulnerability and personal account of her journey battling psychosis and chronic anxiety has had a profound effect on her ventures in the health and wellness industry. Em is dedicated to the prevention of mental illness. She leads workshops for schools, workplaces and community groups that promote emotional intelligence, resilience skills, empowered relationships and the art of self-love - All of which she believes to be central to healthy minds & thriving humans. 

Through her work as an inspiring speaker, writer and “whole-being” coach, Em shares the lessons she’s learned on her quest for happiness and freedom, empowering others to re-write their own stories and be free from suffering.

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“It was my first time attending one of Em’s events and I didn’t really know what to expect. Everyone was so friendly and accepting, almost like I had known many of them for years. There was so much amazing content, I feel like I kept chewing on it for days. I couldn’t help but share it with my family and friends who were very encouraged by my brief description of what Em does and the topics she presents. I think my entire family would benefit from what you bring to the space. Just keep doing what you're doing Em, you are one hell of an inspiring woman with an ability to connect with people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.” —Dan


"Em is strong, intuitive, courageous; a wise, truthful voice and bright shining light in the dense, dark fog of trauma and pain for people who have lost themselves and need a reminder of who they really are. She creates a safe space for wounded and weary souls to learn how to empower themselves and practice self-care and compassion. Em walks the talk." -Deb


"The thing about Em is - she's lived it, experienced it, breathed it, owned it, known it. There's no simple teaching from text books and uni degrees with Em. What you see is what you get, no bullshit here. I for one am incredibly  thankful for Em and her raw vulnerability, her huge heart to help and support others, and her constant willingness to be a sound guiding light at the end of a sometimes endless tunnel."





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