em is for parents

Our in-school workshops for children aged 10 years and over -

Empower young people with practical strategies:

  • To build resilience
  • To develop healthy relationships with both the self and others
  • To have the skills to use social media in a safe and positive way
  • To understand and acknowledge the importance of emotional intelligence
  • To master the skill of self-love.
We want to support you to feel that your child is equipped to take on life's challenges.

If you would like to have one of our workshops at your child's school, please print THIS out and hand it to your school principal today.

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Journal for Girls
Parents, Teachers

Journal for Girls

This beautifully hand designed journal is filled with gems of inspiration and practical advice.
Journal for Women
Parents, you

Journal for Women

Learn to be gentle with yourself, find joy in the little things, embrace uncertainty, and simply love being YOU!
Meet Emma

Emma is a wholeness coach.

She believes — "no longer are people seeking to be healthy. Many of us want to feel whole."

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