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We are working to prevent the occurrence of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drug, alcohol & gambling addiction, and suicide among our young people.

We want to empower our youth to have the skills to use social media in a safe and positive way.

Our goal is to teach resilience, emotional intelligence and the mastery of self-love.

We want to help young people break free from the chains of negative body image and embrace an honestly healthy lifestyle – both mentally & physically.

We want to give young people the tools to support their friends that are suffering.

Ultimately - We want and NEED to make a difference.

The Program itself…

The New Brave workshops are for young people aged 11 to 18 and are presented in schools, community organisations, and sporting groups. They provide practical strategies to build resilience, and develop healthy relationships with the self and others. All attendees receive The New Brave workbook.

The content & basis to our programs include:

  • Understanding & Talking About Mental Illness.
  • An honestly healthy lifestyle defined.
  • Social Media: under the microscope – the rise in unrealistic expectations. 
  • Masculinity vs Vulnerability - and processing emotions in a healthy way.
  • Stress & Coping Mechanisms.
  • Anti-Bullying & Anti-Harassment.
  • Positive Relationships with the self and others.
  • The empowerment of Emotional Intelligence. 

Outcomes include…The audience can expect to cover:

  • Detailed & practical strategies for prevention of mental health disorders, including stress management, coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence.
  • Resilience & the importance of such a vital life skill.
  • Education on healthy lifestyle practices such as whole food nutrition and physical activity for the mind and not just the body.
  • Empowerment to practice gratitude, compassion and kindness – all essential foundations to healthy relationships.


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School Group Workshop

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