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Our workplace workshops are interactive and engaging, inspiring creativity, responsibility and empowerment to grow.
We focus on staff “whole-being,” with outcomes designed to give teams the confidence to tackle the often sensitive and complex issues surrounding mental and physical health. Most importantly, we give people the skills to develop resilience – the power to bounce back and celebrate more of the good stuff. More good times at work – That’s what we believe in.
Our workplace workshops are tailored to suit small, medium and large-scale businesses.
The content in focus during these two-hour workshops include:
  • A close look at practical preventative measures & strategies to cope with stress, anxiety and mental health issues.
  • Whole-hearted Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence & Human Connection – Where true resilience resides.
  • The Search for Happiness & The Power of Self-Love.
  • Why “Balance” is B.S.


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Workplace Group Workshops

Workplace Group Workshops

Interactive and engaging, inspiring creativity, productivity, responsibility and empowerment to grow.
Meet Emma

Emma is a wholeness coach.

She believes — "no longer are people seeking to be healthy. Many of us want to feel whole."

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